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    El film el hindi

    Swany bs

    eh da !!

    Enta ybny ta3ban fe dma3'ak !! howa eh ely facebook group we vamp !! eh el film el hindi ely enta katbo da !!!! hhhhhhh .... we 7ata low da 7sl low da 7sl ana la a3rfk wla a3rf ur acc 3al facebook ha2om 3amelak ban 3ala garena leh y3ny we eh kman mesh 3arif kam year la2 wely 3gbny aktar el tani ely 3ysh el dor howa kman

    2allak vamp has been warned walahy ana awel mara ashof el thread da now we uber mesh 3arif gayeb wla bi2ol el kalam da 3la asas eh ! we shadowhotrex da tla2ih kan m3molo ban request we 5d ban maximum 15 if he left or more if he was abuser we ra7 ye2alef story we uber 3ml 3m el mo7aqeq conan wla howa fahem 7aga 3ashan ya5od unban ! we mesh fahem men el ahbal ely ysada2 7aga zi kda y3ny
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    Vamp i donot think that any adult ( with brain to think ) can believe him . da m2over 2awi we are sad for loosing such an admin like u .
    + and anta Quit bkramtak YMN demoted !
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    show me some action uber


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    +1 ya apple walahi

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    we are sad for loosing such an admin like u
    It's okay the new admins are working hard to satisfy the demands of the section . inshalllah they'll not fail , and we all must try to support them as long as they are not abusing anyone

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    YMN-UBER we egypt dota room


    anta msh admin

    deek omak

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    anta msh admin

    deek omak

    bs ya kebda 5lik fe 7alak

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    [System massege] [V]amp has been warned. Next time hnshelk mn group elfacebook

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    No need for more drama,
    The ban-list had been cleared anyway .. so whether he got legally/illegally banned, he is free now to go.

    Silence ..

    I KILL YOU !
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