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    [Guide] Garena Plus & Messenger

    Join Garena account

    Register Garena Account enter the required details and sign up.

    After registering my account confirmation email

    Download Garena Messenger
    Link to download ---> /

    Installing Garena Messenger
    1. Garena Messenger Setup -> Next>

    2. Install

    3. Finish

    Login Garena Messenger
    Write your username and password in the blank space,
    Go to "Login Garena"

    The "Groups" can you join any group, Garena system has 4 groups (Go Kart Group, Hon Group, Garena Messenger Group, Lol Group)
    You can create your own group, it is similar to the clan on Garena Client in where you can invite your team mates and use it as a clan.

    Now open the Settings, there three different options that you can to set

    To set the game you want to play go to "Browse" and find it on your computer.

    Download new themes and change them if you want.

    On the list, select the game you want in this case the Warcraft RPG,

    If you have not entered the Garena Messenger Update'll have to wait that will not last long,
    after that you'll be on the homepage:

    Go to "Game" and enter the game you want to play:

    Choose a room:

    In the room you have similar options as well as regular Garena-and it will not be known:

    Only the left to start the game on the "Start" enter the "Local Area Network" and create a waiting game.
    GL & HF
    If you have any problems or ask something you do not understand in this thread or the thread in place where you will be glad to help professionals.
    If you have a suggestion to write here Garena Messenger
    For technical support
    dont ban me near

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    Bueno Creo que este Post
    Es un tuto como entrar al Garena Plus.

    Ya que un Post anterior creado por Mi

    Explico sobre clan Lo que modicaron entre otras Cosas.

    Todo Aporte es Bueno.

    [ Brekercitoh Peru Garena ]

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    Garena plus messenger, aver ojala que sea un buen programa para sacar cw.

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