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    Post [Guide]-Warcraft Switcher 1.24e-1.26

    This for New/old Users Who play In sri lanka dota room and for all Garene users.Some users don't know how to change their war 3 Version so this will help them to change their patch.


    Warcraft Version Switcher1.61 (WVS):
    WVS (Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61).zip (617 KB)

    Warcraft III parche 1.24e
    TFT Version

    Warcraft III parche 1.25b
    TFT Version

    Warcraft III parche 1.26 (Sri Lanka Room patch)

    TFT Version

    How to Use (Warcraft Version Switcher 1.61)

    1. Extract the zip file from above link. - (WVS)
    3. Copy Paste Warcraft III parche file which u download to wvs Folder.
    3. Check the extracted folder and open "Wvs.exe"

    4. A warning message will come out, click ok.

    5. Set your Warcraft 3 Folder.

    6. The application will be closed. Open "Wvs.exe" again.

    6. Click Switch Version Button (first button).
    7. Double Click the Warcraft 3 version you want to switch.

    8. The Warcraft 3 version will be switched.
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    thanks for share loda

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    nice guide.thanks
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    Great tutorial,well explain im using this switcher too .

    Here is also video tutorial how to use warcraft 3 switcher .

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    Very nice

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    thanks for the info
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    Good Ty

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    nice share
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    nice share
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    Hello Guys !

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    Full Guide + Picture
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    Hello Guys !

    Just See

    Full Guide + Picture
    ty for share this
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