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    how to install dota in garena plus

    help me plz

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    Hi,firstly,please spend your time on reading our sticky threads :!

    Fairplay Forum is strictly for:
    i. Ban Requests
    ii. Unban Requests
    iii. Report Maphackers
    iv. Report abusers

    Therefore,please post your issue at Garena Plus Help Desk section instead of here.
    I am sure you will be rendered help from there.
    I MiSs U

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    Just download Garena Plus from here and install your DotA.
    Open your Garena Plus and go to executable settings, find your Frozen Throne directory and update it.
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    hmmm. installing dota in garena+ ?

    your question quite short and too general. do u mean;
    1. DotA map?
    2. or the Warcraft3 TFT ?
    3. or maybe, executing Warcraft3 TFT in Garena ?

    *you should elaborate more of your problem. and uploading a picture of your problem will be better as we can go through your problem well, and sure help u.

    **yeahh, bro MiSsUonLy is right. you should post your problem at for more aid and accomodation.
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