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    Post [GUIDE] Garena Plus

    Hello Dear Members

    This thread is for people who have recently met with Garena

    Here is a
    Brief information about Garena Plus
    First of all download the Garena Plus from this link

    install Garena PluS

    Set your username and password then press the button "login Garena "

    How to change your Garena Messenger Name, Click on your nick and change it.

    How to set your status, click on the icon status and set your currently status

    How to change your avatar
    you just should click on your currently avatar in the garena plus then you will go to settings, then click again on your garena plus avatar and change it, you have a lot of avatars there

    Joining a room
    click on 'LaN' and choose your Game , then search the room as in the garena client.
    ps: The Garena Plus have a option in the top "lobby" and "room list" is really helpfull

    searching a friend
    you can search a friend with the search function
    your friend will appear with the garena Plus nick and real garena Name
    you can add he/she to talk like in the messenger
    Garena Plus themes
    Click On SettinG Button
    click on themes at Left
    Select Your Theme and w8 for Garena Plus To download it



    How to create a group
    Go to groups tab on top of Garena Plus
    right click on my groups Then Select The Create group

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