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    srry if this is gonna be annoying of any sort , but would you mind updating the list of registered users ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmOrtaL.WeeZy View Post
    srry if this is gonna be annoying of any sort , but would you mind updating the list of registered users ?
    will be updated on 30 april or when 32 players sign up since alot of ppl sign up then they delete the posts

    Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity.

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    Garena username: 5th.Mirana
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    sign up

    Garena Username : CallmeShery

    Skype name: Sherifadel1990

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    Garena Username : BadGeneral9
    Email :

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    hi i wanna register my username thestonost my Email is

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    garena user name: sad123412

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    Name : Electric.rock
    Email :
    Dota 2 " Steam" : DynamicRock
    MSN :
    Yahoo :
    Skype : GG.MadRock
    Garena Plus : Electric.Rock

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    Application Format :
    Garena Username : Bio.3afroto

    Contact Information Skype: smd.afroto

    gl every1 but this Beta key is mine =]

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    why not

    Username: PusherDog

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    Garena user name : 9th.Gondar
    Email :

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    No. You send him a msg, coz this is considered as spamming.
    Your comments are deleted, you got ur answers, and now i dont think they are useless, coz seriously, all of ur comments are 100% useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonDaSh View Post
    General Information :
    1) Map : v6.74c
    2) Game Mode : APOMNP highest roll pick 1st
    3) Wc3 Version : 1.26a
    4) Platform : GGC
    5) Channel : Egypt High Level Room 2
    6) Format : Single Elimination, BO1. Final will be BO3.
    7) Date : Thursday 3/5/2012 18:00 Egypt Time
    8) Registration Deadline : Monday, 30 April
    9) Team Limit : 32

    Prizes : Beta Key For The Winner

    Sponsored By

    Rules : Rules are very simple and easy to win the game u must get 3 kills or destroy 2 towers
    Crow Abusing is not allowed : in other words using the crow as sharmota * for ur bottle is not allowed

    15 min is the time limit u have . any player didnt show up on the time limit will be DQ

    For Better Gaming Tournament This Heroes Is Auto Banned : Goblin Shredder / Legion Commander / Ember Spirit / Rubick

    Item Restrictions : all items allowed

    P.S: using all chat for any other thing than asking for pause or something important will be resulted in an infraction
    each team got 2 infraction then DQ And Remember this tour For Fun So Hope We keep it on Friendly way till the end

    Application Format :
    Garena Username : Don.DaSh

    Contact Information (e-mail/Skype): dash**** or u can add ur skype depends on what ur using

    Interested teams shall apply by replying in this thread, with the filled in applications based on the format specified.
    This event is going to be established and hopefully take place every one week or so .
    For further information regarding the tournament feel free to post here.
    Good Luck everyone!
    Successfully Registered Teams :

    Will Be Announced on 30 April

    Best Regards

    Edited by LilWillJunior :
    Useless comments and spams are going to be deleted. And infractions points will be send.
    You are only allowed to comment on the thread to apply. If you have any questions, contact DonDash by sending him a msg on forums.
    Also, only register for yourself.

    After This tour end we will have another 1 in the Weekend So Good Luck

    but what about repicking in the last seconds if rolled higher?? is that banned or not? what is the punishment of that if banned? ty

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    no offence but the rules r kinda stupid am not trying to troll but u should revise it

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    Garena User Account : CpZ.PinkyWinky

    E-mail :

    best wishes

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    application form

    Garena Username: CpZ.LorDVorT

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    ROFL, The Rules is really Funny, ( With the full respect... )

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    garena name: BestSoloPlayer

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