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    Red face Garena Plus Update

    Original post by GG.Messenger

    Hi All,

    We are pleased to inform you that Garena Plus V. has been released to Garena gamers. Please re-login to your Garena Plus for auto-update.

    You may download the installers at: (TW version) (Russia version)

    You may download the full version packages at:

    You may download the incremental manual patch at: (from Garena Plus v1.2.8.9)

    Some of the exciting features in this update include:
    1. Add "Garena Talk (Beta)" for SG & MY users. For more details, please visit the new forum section --
    Garena Talk.
    2. Add "Nudge" in single chat and clan chat.
    3. Adjust the UI of the login window.
    4. Fetch a higher quality photo and the latest what's up of your Facebook friend when opening a Facebook chat window.
    5. Allow horizontal adjustment of the vertical splitter in Message Management.
    . Add a new game "Perfect World" for SG & My users.

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    we all will die one one one day , we cant change it . try to help your friends always if u can and don't be jealous with others.


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    Thanks for the info bro

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    thx for info

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    Thanks for the info