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    Unhappy When i click LAN Game i can't see other players game for warcraft.

    My firewall is down, i never activate it.<br>When I click Local Area Network button there isn't anyone creating any game even though i am in a full room.<br>When i create, No one enters my game even though it's a full room<br>I am just LVL2 so nobody knows me..

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    Hi,it is most likely a result of using different war3 patch version from others.
    Please do ensure that your patch version alike with other players in the room,otherwise,
    you are unable to see created games,neither they can see yours.

    Another thing to mention is that remember to use tunnel function provided
    as it may assist you to see created games by making a direct connection between you and the host.
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    We are currently using 1.24e version of war3.

    Read post #2 as well.