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    New Zealand DotA 1v1 SF tournament

    As promised, I'm organising a 1v1 SF tournament for New Zealand (and Australian if they don't mind playing on NZ hosts) players.

    Player restrictions:

    - Currently residing within New Zealand or Australia (else ping will be too high)
    - Can speak english fluently (so player/admin communication is possible)
    - Garena Plus level of at least 11

    Game Rules:

    - Game mode will be apomnpsh
    - Hero will be Shadow Fiend
    - To be played in New Zealand DotA Room 01
    - DotA version 6.74c (or latest stable version)
    - Warcraft 3 TFT version 1.24e
    - Host is to be located within New Zealand. If you want to change host, you must request it before creeps spawn (0:00 DotA clock). Maximum of 3 host changes
    - No saves are necessary as the games will be quite short. In the event of a player dc'ing, replay the match from the beginning. In the event a player dc's twice for one match, the winner will be decided from the replays of both games from the k/d ratio or total CS if k/d is even.


    - Basic format will be double elimination style. Information on how double elimination works here:
    - Maximum of 64 players. In the event that less than 64 players join, some players will receive a bye for the first round depending on how early they signed up

    Item Rules:

    - No bottle
    - Everything else is OK

    Win condition:

    - First player to 3 kills wins OR first player to lose their first tower loses
    - In the event of the game taking longer than 30 minutes, the player with the higher k/d ratio will be declared the winner. In the event both players have the same k/d, the player with the higher total CS will be declared the winner.


    - For the beginning rounds, there are too many games for a ref to be in every game. Instead we will ref games at random
    - No outside refs allowed unless both players agree to it
    - You must send the replay to one of the admins upon finishing your game for your win/loss to be confirmed. When sending us the replay, please inform us who you are and who your opponent was


    - Sign ups will be open until 6/72012 11.59PM or until 64 players sign up
    - To sign up, just leave a reply in this thread with your Garena Plus account and I will add you to the tournament group
    - 2 games will be played per week, one on Friday and one on Saturday between 7pm-1am. Please organise it with your opponent beforehand using the the Garena Plus group I will invite you to, or by other means. On the first week, the first round will be played on Saturday
    - I will provide players with a proper calendar with brackets and individual times for each game when sign ups are closed
    - Gold member will be awarded within 1 week of finals being played, once we review all replays


    - 3 months gold member and V.I.P. ranking on my channel bot in NZ2
    - 2 months gold member and V.I.P. ranking on my channel bot in NZ2
    - 1 month gold member and V.I.P. ranking on my channel bot in NZ2
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    I sign.
    Acc: Numot

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    sign me in please if its not too late lol

    username: tufzz

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    Account : iWalk

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    im in

    ID: RaInDroP^SHoW

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    sign in SingWangChan

    sign in SingWangChan

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    Im in!

    Garena Plus Username: xRag_Law

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    im in !

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    im in,

    also l (is an L, not i)

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