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    [Guide] The new feature of Garena Plus(Garena Energy)

    The main site of garena energy:

    Garena Energy is the new Garena feature to Redeem the Garena prizes.

    After you clicked on that icon, a new window will pop up as below.

    This is your garena energy.

    What is Garena Enery?
    Garena Energy is an online credit system. Garena Energy will increase if you stay online. It will decrease if you stay offline for a long period of time. Garena Energy can be used to redeem in-game items from Garena.

    How does Garena Energy work?
    Garena Energy will increase by 1 unit for every 5 minutes staying online on Garena Plus. It will decrease by 1 unit per 20 minutes after the user stays offline for more than 24 hours from the last logout, until it becomes zero.
    The higher the Garena Plus level, the more Garena Energy a user is permitted to gain as an upper limit.

    How can we redeem in-game items?
    You can go to redeem the in-game items.

    What do I need to take note of before redeeming an item?
    Before making a redemption, you must ensure that you have registered an account in the associated game and/or have visited the in-game shop (except for LAN game). Otherwise the redemption will fail and the GE credits deducted cannot be refunded.

    Will I get the item immediately after I see the redemption success message?
    Not necessarily. You should track the redemption status in ‘My Transactions’. It may take up to about 30 minutes to process your request. And in case a transaction encounters some problems, you can click ‘retry’ to redeem again.

    This is your transactions of Garena Energy to Redeem Prizes.

    Here are the list of Garena Energy Redeem Prizes.

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