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    BAn Rasol DDos 1552388

    che hizome tari forokhtam be ina ke intori ddos mikonan :|
    dobare omadam to room ba bache ha salamo aleyk vali in agha vel kon nabod :|

    info id:
    ---------------------Wow-DotA-Cs-TERA-Travian-(All are fun games,No matter about win or lose,Its not big deal)

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    Fake Screen

    Chatloge bot barrasi shod.

    [Apr 30, 2013 3:03:07 AM] [GInterface 2] rasol with ID 1552388: alan

    shoma ip o khodetoon behesh ezaafe kardin

    3OC.Terrible Banned 30 Days From HLRS And Forum

    Case Closed
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